If you are a supercell fan, you must know about their latest game. This time, brawl stars is another one from the same developer after several month of testing. Initially, there was lot of issues and now came out with excellent features. Brawlers are considered to be super heroes in the battle and there are many characters available for selection while you play. Some upgrades need gems and you can use the brawl stars hack at any time in your mobile.

Best Way To Move

There are two kinds of control option is given in the game. Either by using tapping or joystick capability to transfer your location from one place to another. For attacking, you should locate the enemy and point out them using either one of the control methods to deliver an attack. According to many users, one should play well to destroy the enemy in order to get more power boost attack by the big button at the center of the screen.

How To Attack With Weapons

As we know that, we have to attack enemy from the good range to destroy them quickly. So, in order to do this, you have to move in random direction by shooting in the path of an opponent. By doing this, there is always less chance of being attacked by the enemy. You can see the survival bar is at the top of head in each brawlers and also indicates how much they can stay inside the arena.

If you don’t have good brawl box, then you should play well to receive inside the game. Because, each one consists of good brawlers and sometimes you may receive new hero. So, you should consider this while you are playing in any level. These boxes contain many gems and other resources like coins and elixir etc.

Way To Create Your Room

Let’s discuss about the some of the cool features that allow the users to create a brawl stars band. If wish you join a band, just send the request to the real admin. Sometimes, they may reject based on your trophies that you have earned. Otherwise, you can create own brawl stars band in order to accept new members like you. You also close the group if you have enough with current players. Make sure that you have many active users to keep the group more excited. To build a strong team, you have to maintain members who all won many trophies.

Strategies For Playing A Mode

Smash and grab is an interesting option to know and you can play this for long hours. The overall objective of this mode is that you have to grab ten crystal that being generated from the center of the arena map. You have to defeat the enemy before they grab more than your team. If you hold the crystal for some time, you will be a winner. Remember that, you have to hide after obtaining crystal, because the enemies will surround to kill to take all your collected ones.

Getting basic brawlers is not should be our main aim, we always try to get those epic and legendary type for winning more trophies and coins. There are many modes are coming soon and we except after the big updates from the user.